The Berkley American Legion Post 374 received their charter on July 27th 1940. While we are somewhat cloudy on some facts concerning the original post, we do know it started in our current lower hall.  At one time the Berkley Police Department used the lower hall for firearm practice and there is still a portion of a pine counter that used to be the bar. Later we purchased a home next door which is now the back office and the original roof from that home is still visible above the ceiling near our restrooms. Sometime around 1968 we adding our lounge. In 2008 we began the renovations to the lounge, it was quite the endeavour. New building codes required fire sprinklers and electrical and plumbing updates. The lounge received almost all new appliances and furniture and while the Post building has changed a lot over the years the dedication of its members is what keeps it alive and well today!